Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple Mail on Lion and Google Apps: solving the folder confusion problem

Since I have upgraded to Lion on my iMac the Apple Mail and Google Apps started to behave weirdly.
The symptoms were:

  • When I sent an email it was copied to a newly created folder "Sent Messages" stored on Google Apps
  • When I deleted the email it stayed in the All Mail and was never deleted
Fortunately, and thanks to Google search, I found the way in this Google forum thread. In this post I want to show you more graphically how to configure your Apple Mail to fix the problem.
First, there is nothing to configure in the actually Google Apps Web mail interface; it is all done in the Apple Mail on your Lion.

Step 1: Go to Apple mail preferences ("Command" + ","), click on Account, select the Mail account you want to fix and then go to "Mailbox Behaviours". Set it as you see it here on the screenshot. Then close the Preferences.

Step 2: Expand [Google Mail] folder under your account, Click on "Sent" and then select Mailbox menu -> use this mailbox for -> Sent. repeat this for folders Trash and Drafts. Note that I do not use Junk capability on Apple mail as I believe the Google does an excellent job with the junk mail.

In the end, the Apple mail folder three should look like this:


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