Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is Dropbox going to refund for their security incompetence?

I have sent a refund request to Dropbox today:

due to recent security incident I want to cancel my premium subscription. You failed to keep your systems secure and I no longer wish to share my private data with you and through  you. 
Please refund appropriate portion of my annual subscription fee.

Best regards

Let's see what Dropbox has to say about it. Will post response to this blog.

-----Update on 28 June 2011 -----:

I dot a response from Dropbox. It is positive one and they offer a refund. Let's hope Dropbox step up the security and I will be able to use it again!

Kevin - Dropbox Support, Jun-27 02:56 pm (PDT):

Hi Vladimir,

I can provide a refund to your account but it cannot be to your credit card, unfortunately.

Charges to credit cards can only be refunded when the charge made is within 120 days. The credit card merchants do not allow refunds after that point. This is a hard limit set by the merchant service and not a Dropbox policy. As a result the only method we have available is via Paypal's online payment system.

You can select a refund by one of two methods:
1. Paypal (fast)
2. Check (slow)

If by Paypal then please provide a Paypal email address to send the refund to.
If by check then please provide a name and mailing address to send the check to.

For your record, I have reviewed our logs and there is no record of any authentications occurring during the affected time period to your account. We are confident that no unauthorized accesses occurred as a result.



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  1. Can you please tell me where you contacted them for a refund? I cannot seem to to find contact info?
    Thank you.