Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skype on Non-Skype enabled TV?

I really like the new Skype service on certain TVs. I could sit comfortably on my sofa, which is 3.5 meters away from the TV, and enjoy full Skype experience. But hey, I do not want to buy the new TV?
So I wonder, could I buy Apple Mac Mini, connect high quality webcam made for sofa-like call experience and plug it in Mac mini?

Looking at the Skype site here, the webcam specification looks fairly standard to me. It has a USB interface, supports HD, has uni-directional mics. Note that currently Skype software in Panasonic and Samsung TV can only call to Windows Skype.

Unfortunately, there isn't any information about using those special TV webcams with Mac on Skype website, not I could find anything on Google or Bing.

If you know this could work, please let me know.

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