Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to backup your documents and pictures for less

I have been advising some of my friends on best ways to backup their data. Most of them have very few documents (word and even less excel) and much much more pictures. So, here is what I tell you:
Use Google Picasa for Pictures and Mozy free service for documents or Dropbox for seamless synchronisation between multiple computers.

For pictures:
1. Get Gmail account
2. Sign up for Google Picasa
3. Install Google Picasa software on the computer
4. One the Picasa client find all pictures toggle the "Sync to Web" and sign in with the Google account.
The amount of space that comes with free Picasa service is "just" 1GB. This might not be enough for all, so I say - upgrade storage. For $5 per year you get 20GB, and $20 gets you 80GB. That is pretty good value in my opinion.

For documents:
Get free Mozy or Dropbox. Both give 2GB of free storage. The difference is that with Mozy you do not need to think of any setup and where you save documents. With Dropbox, you need to save files to the Dropbox folder to get them uploaded to the cloud.

I hope this helps someone.

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