Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Troubles with Apple Mail and multiple certificates

Back from holidays, refreshed and blogging again.

Today I needed to send an email signed with my certificate issued by Czech authorities. I also have Verisign email certificate and both are imported into my Keychain. I was looking for a way to tell Mail which certificate to use, but there is only one button:

I was searching on the Internet and there are two ways to tell Apple Mail which certificate to use:
1. Go to KeyChain Access and disable certificates that should not be used - in my case the Verisign certificate
2. Delete all certificates and import them in the order I want to use them.

Come on Apple, even Outlook can do this as well as Thunderbird, which is by the way much better in handling PGP secured emails.

I hope this helps someone.


  1. Just found your posting searching for a solution. I have exactly the same problem.

    Is it really not possible to use two X.509 Certificates in Mac OS Mail?

  2. Hello,
    to my knowledge this is not possible. It is worth asking Apple support and maybe it will e added as feature in the next version of Keychain.