Monday, June 14, 2010

Can home exam taking be without cheating?

There is very interesting article in BBC (see here about new software RemoteProctor ( and HW that allows students to take exams at home. Apparently, there are controls to detect sound (microphone), see someone entering a room (video camera) and disabling other software to run on student's computer. 

But, is it going to be effective? Is it addressing the problem from the right angle? Let me explain. If I wanted to cheat in my room, I would use another computer sitting next to my regular PC. Or I could use my paper notes (yes paper) being just next to the computer as well. 

So is there a better system? Unlikely, I think, until computer can read the mind and detect cheating, and even better test student without typing anything into the computer. Imagine being tested by reading your thoughts. 

Any other ideas?

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