Monday, June 28, 2010

London to Brighton by Vladimir at Garmin Connect - Details

London to Brighton by vjirasek at Garmin Connect - Details

Despite technical problems with my rear de-railer which made my bike single speed for last 65km I finished the trail in time, only 1 hour after my friends. See the details from my Garmin 405cx.

Already looking forward to next year.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Can home exam taking be without cheating?

There is very interesting article in BBC (see here about new software RemoteProctor ( and HW that allows students to take exams at home. Apparently, there are controls to detect sound (microphone), see someone entering a room (video camera) and disabling other software to run on student's computer. 

But, is it going to be effective? Is it addressing the problem from the right angle? Let me explain. If I wanted to cheat in my room, I would use another computer sitting next to my regular PC. Or I could use my paper notes (yes paper) being just next to the computer as well. 

So is there a better system? Unlikely, I think, until computer can read the mind and detect cheating, and even better test student without typing anything into the computer. Imagine being tested by reading your thoughts. 

Any other ideas?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little perspective

Guess where this is.... This little flower is making The Michael's Mount near Penzance really gorgeous.

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MiFi it is for my WiFi only iPad

Why spend £100 on 3G version of and iPad when I can buy a device for half the price and use any sim card in it? And that is exactly what I did today.
MiFi from 3 cost £49 and then I can pay £10 for 1GB per month pay as you go. Moreover, I can share the connection with my other devices that are not 3G enabled. When my 1Gb and month runs out I should look at look at other mobile operators.

So, how does it work? Easy, switch on the device that can fit into your pocket and your are on the Internet. Plain easy.

However, when I asked staff in Three shop what security MiFi uses for wireless they said it has username and password :). Well, after some googling I found a support article on Three website :) and MiFi supports WPA. Good for me so far.

Will see if I need to unlock the device to use another operator's sim card.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Playing with my new iPad

My new iPad arrived today. So far, I have spent 3 hours playing with it and I am impressed with reservations.
What I like:
Speed - lightning fast compared to my iPhone
Build in applications are great to work with, especially Mail and Safari

What I do not like:
Weight - a bit heavy for my taste. It looks lighter and somehow my eye and hand are not in sync over the weight of the iPad
Only WiFi version, but I am looking at turning my phone into a wifi hotspot :)

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